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A collection of symbols used for writing a language. There are three basic kinds of scripts. One is the alphabetic (e.g. Arabic, Cyrillic, Latin), with individual elements termed “letters.” A second is ideographic (e.g. Chinese), the elements of which are “ideographs.” The third is termed a syllabary (e.g. Hangul), with its individual elements representing syllables. The writing systems of most languages use only one script but there are exceptions such as for example, Japanese, which uses four different scripts, representing all three of the categories listed here.

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The file that is generated once you fulfill the sunrise eligibility requirements and that allows you to register a domain name label within a TLD (extension) as long as you comply with the registries policy. The Clearinghouse provides you with the SMD file, but it the registry’s determination to accept the SMD file.

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The Status Counter indicates the number of Status Points held by the Trademark Holder or the Trademark Agent. The Status Point level determines the applicable fee for registering a Trademark Record at the moment of registration.

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Points earned by Trademark Agents/Holders who registered Trademark Records and participated in the Advanced Fee Structure. The Status Points indicated on a Trademark Holders or Trademark Agents’ Status Counter will determine the applicable fee for registering a Trademark Record at the moment of registration.

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A pre-launch phase providing mark holders the opportunity to register domain names in a TLD before registration is generally available to the public. Mandatory in all new gTLDs.

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