Mass revocation of SMD files

On December 14th, a full set of replacement SMDs will be generated for download by all current rights holders; all previously generated SMD files will be revoked.  We are performing this mass revocation in order to enhance and improve the use of SMD files. The new SMD files will be generated without whitespaces, they will be synchronized to coincide with the first Sunrise date and they will support multi-year mark registration.

Beginning at 12.01 UTC on December 14th, Trademark Holders and Agents with eligible TMCH records may – at their convenience – log in to their account(s) in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and download the new SMD file.  The new SMD files can be provided to a registrar for registration of a domain name during a TLD Sunrise period.

Test SMD files using the new, without whitespaces, format will be made available approximately three (3) weeks prior to the revocation to allow Registries and Registrars to conduct tests using SMD files without whitespaces. 

Every effort has been made to minimize any disruption caused by the transition and services desks at Deloitte, ICANN and IBM will be prepared to handle any potential increase in the volume of customer service questions.


Four test SMD files without whitespaces are now available for download and testing.  The four test files will include one of each of the following types:  Active SMD, Revoked SMD, Invalid SMD and Revoked TMV Certificate (all in English).