What are the differences between TREx & DPML?

Domains Protected Marks List ('DPML') and Trademark Registry Exchange ('TREx') services are both defensive mechanisms to help you to protect your trademark in the new gTLD universe. By opting into these services, trademark holders prevent cybersquatting by 'blocking' their trademark records from being registered at the second level across a number of TLDs. 

Both services are cost-effective solutions, but are not referring to the same bundle of TLDs: 

  • DPML: this service is available for 238 of the TLDs managed by the registry operator Donuts Inc.
  • TREx: this service covers additional TLDs and will increase coverage on an ongoing basis.

Note that in order to opt in for both services, trademark holders/agents must first register their trademark records in the TMCH database. 

For more details on DPML, we kindly refer you to https://donuts.domains/what-we-do/brand-protection. 



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