What are "Mark Record status changes" e-mails?

Every Wednesday an automated e-mail will be sent out to Holder & agent accounts (application user e-mail address), in order to inform them of status changes to their mark records.

The e-mail will contain the mark name, mark handle and appropriate message relating to the status change: <Mark name>/<Mark handle> : <Message>.

The following messages are possible:

  • Mark has been verified and approved;
  • Mark is not approved. Further attention needed;
  • Mark has not been approved and invalidated;

If the status change is related to a dispute, the message will be preceded by "Exception".

If agents use the API polling mechanism a status change message will be deleted after acknowledging the related poll message, therefore if API polling is used a mail will not be sent out.

If there are more than 25 messages, regarding Mark record status changes, pending at any time, a separate e-mail will be sent out.



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