What can I do in case I did not renew my POU on time?

When the POU expiry date is reached, the SMD file can no longer be used for the Sunrise services. Furthermore, if no action is taken 60 days after the POU expiry date, the POU status will automatically change to ‘EXPIRED’ and the associated SMD file will be revoked.

Therefore, if you did not renew the POU documentation in time, revalidation of the POU documents is necessary to be eligible for the Sunrise services.

To do so, a bulk POU revalidation page has been launched on our TMCH web interface. You can access this page by navigating to your TMCH account and clicking on the button 'bulk validate POU' at the bottom right of the 'Mark overview' page. The possibility to revalidate your POU will only be available in case you have POU documents that are almost 5 years or older.

For further details on the different steps to revalidate your POU documents, please refer to our full manual .


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